Current Game Servers!

Winter is here. Since I don't watch TV, I tend to keep my mind occupied with games when I am not working or finding adventures in real life.

Currently there are 3 games I rotate between. Valheim, Space Engineers, and now Minecraft Tekkit (Tekkit Classic 2.0 pack).

Valheim and Space Engineers are available on Steam. Steam is a great portal for gaming. The Server IP's for each respectively are (Valheim) and (Space Engineers). Valheim has a password, and I will gladly give it out to friends.

Farewell 2021

As the New Year approaches, I look back at 2021 and look forward towards a hopeful future. Yesterday I had a very unique and magical thing happen to me. I was working downtown, and as I walked towards one of the buildings I had some equipment inside to take care of, I saw something flying in the night sky towards me. I stopped and watched as a large white bird slowly floated across the sky only about 10ft above my head. As the bird flew closer, I noticed it had the flat head of an owl.


So a while back I was invited to the range to try out a friends SKS Rifle. I had much fun with it, and enjoyed shooting the 7.62 round as well as the dummy grenade. So much fun that I attempted to look for an SKS of my own. But alas, like anything gun related they are all upwards of $700 + now.


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