Cat 8

Being in the tech industry, I sometimes attempt to nudge myself towards new technologies that I haven't been exposed to yet. In my position, sadly, much of the technology I deal with is already a generation behind, due to low bids, and the time it takes to plan and implement a project with government funding.

My home network is likely about 2 generations behind, but I try to keep it professional. It is not sloppy at all, with rack mounted 48 port POE gigabit switches and such.


There are some serious flaws in our medical system right now. For context, I wasn't feeling super great yesterday. At first I figured it was the weather - the dampness making me sore and achey. No, as I was getting ready for bed, it had developed quickly into a splitting headache, chills and fever, and an upset tummy. Instantly, once I got the upset tummy, I was like. FLU!

Buffalo EMS - Short Staffed!

So today I heard a call which drew my attention. A City of Mount Hope, Fire Rescue ambulance (Possibly from Mount Hope, West Virginia?), serving a call in Buffalo, NY. Curious I thought. So I began listening to the Buffalo Fire ADI channel (424.37500 MHz), something I haven't done in quite some time. Indeed many of the calls I was hearing were to well known addresses. The regulars.


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